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Companionship Care Louisville

Companionship care is offering services that aren’t medical in nature to older adults. However, it differs from personal care aides, though, the work itself can be the same (bathing, dressing up, and medication assistance.)depending on the area or the state regulation. Our aim is to provide the company with an emotional support system and socialization. Occasionally, companionship care helps older adults in some simple but light tasks such as doing light household chores, planning and organizing social events, daily commutes, and so on.

What happens in companionship care?

It can be applied through the following.

  • Checking in on somebody. In this case, friends or family members would drop in from time to time to help them in their everyday tasks. This is good, however, it can’t be consistent because the would-be carers have day jobs, and might have some circumstances that would make visiting difficult.
  • Contractual services. This can be inquired through your local community centers such as hospice care, nursing homes, and such. This is very ideal in maintaining continuity of companionship care.

Our staff at Companionship Care Louisville typically makes their daily visits in which cases depending on the needed care. At times we do weekly visits, or depending on the planned schedule. They help out with certain tasks from meal preparation, doing the laundry, and among other things. We also adjust our schedule to accommodate them if every they have emergency appointments like having an annual physical, or a doctor’s appointment.

Companion Care Louisville: Coping with loneliness

As time will continue on, it is unfortunately unavoidable for the elderly to lose family members, friends who have been there for a lifetime, with having no one to talk to, making them feel isolated and lonely. Companion Care Louisville has individual unique life experiences enabling to empathize and communicate without any judgment. Loneliness discriminates against no one, it can simply happen to all walks of life.

Companion Care Louisville is for those who are susceptible to loneliness, who have been experiencing it for a very long time. A companion carer will visit their homes, to spend quality time and help out with their daily tasks. In addition, might convince them to go out and do things that have forgotten, like having short walks at the park, going to their favorite sites, and such.

The help you need at the comforts of your home

Perhaps you may have noticed your loved ones’ have been neglecting to take their medicines, or they don’t do housework often, even worse, their health condition is worsening. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to start contemplating if they need assistance. Homemaking and Companion provide assistance to your loved ones without having them leave the comforts of their home.

Providing Care: Homemaking and Companion

From doing household chores to playing cards, or just being there to help them out. They often remind patients when to take their medications, also go for a drive when they have a spa day or doctor’s appointments.

It’s not just about easing their loneliness, aside from that, there are other advantages of Homemaking and Companion. For instance, if you might think your loved one might not be getting the necessary nutrition, having someone cook for them can surely prepare meals that would be essential for their nutrition.

Here are a few more:

  • Physical and mental status improvement
  • Interactions that are worthwhile
  • Frequent mobility due to commuting possibilities
  • Improvements in cognitive function
  • Ensuring safety is observed


Upon inquiry, we will send our qualified staff to assess the needs of your loved ones. From there, we will assure you that their needs are properly met. Together with your help, we can arrange the necessary schedules to make it happen. Do you want to know how we show our care and support to your loved ones right in the comforts of your home? Give Companionship Care Louisville a call today.