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It is very painful to discover some illnesses that are not curable. Especially in our loved ones, suffering from pain and illness that is getting worse every day makes us think what are the possible things that we can do to ease the pain. Everybody knows about palliative care but many people do not fully understand the benefits that it can give to the patients.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is special care that patients need this is stated in the palliative care louisville ky list of palliative care medication teams. This is also known as palliative medicine, medication, and care for people with serious illnesses that are not curable. it is not an alternative medication but is an additional medication that is applied to patients to make them feel more comfortable and happy at the end. This additional medication provides patients relief from the pain that they have, relief from the symptoms that they experience, and ease the stress that they feel about the situations. The goal of palliative care is to increase the quality of life of the patients and the family as well. Palliative may depend on the needs of the patients. palliative care is far different from hospice and it doesn't mean when patients forward to palliative care that they will end their days. At an appropriate stage and age palliative care is given.

Understanding more about palliative options

It is much better to understand first the goals and services of palliative care. It doesn't mean that you are ending your beloved life you will consider palliative as an option. So here is additional information that you need to know. There are four main options of palliative services.

  • Palliative care in hospital- This is common in a short-term period, with an attending physician and a nurse and it depends on the case of the patients. So the patient is hospitalized and indorsees this additional medication which the team will monitor all the needs to make them feel comfortable.
  • Palliative care in a care home- This applies to patients that live in care homes and need to have palliative care. The patients don't need to transfer to the hospital. There is a team of doctors, nurses, chaplains, and caregivers that are assigned to the patients in a care home. Sad to say that not all residential care homes provide palliative care with trained staff.
  • Hospice palliative care- This hospice palliative care is the same as the above mentioned. A palliative hospice is a residential additional care for patients that are suffering from pain and emotional distress.
  • At-home palliative- The patient is living at home together with the families and maybe hire home workers and caregivers to give more assistance to help the family for the care of the patients. The palliative care in the home is provided by well-trained palliative doctors specializing in palliative medication.

The team that specializes in palliative care includes a team of Doctors, Nurses/ Palliative Care Nursing, Physician Assistants, Dietitians, Caregivers/ Social workers, Chaplains, Psychologists, and Therapists.

Patients can start palliative care right away from the start of diagnoses. The earlier the better to increase the quality of life. Study shows that there are patients who get well after having the option of palliative care. Hospice takes care of the patients that have done many treatments and doesn't show any good result. The hospice is given to patients that can live for 6 months. If you are looking for the best option please talk to your physician, they can recommend suitable palliative care louisville ky providers.


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